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Ryan Tunnicliffe gets 14 month driving ban and fine from Bury Magistrates

by Sam Peoples

Ryan Tunnicliffe has been given an 14 month ban from driving and an £800 fine from Bury Magistrates this morning.

The court heard Tunnicliffe gave a breath sample of 62 micrograms at 2pm after drinking the night before.

It comes after he crashed his Range Rover under the influence of alcohol on October 15 in an industrial estate.

It was a massive surprise to hear that the incident happened in the first place as Tunnicliffe seemed to have a well grounded head on his shoulders – but this needs to be a massive wake up call.

He made his first team debut recently against Newcastle in the Capital One Cup and is making great strides towards getting more involved with the first team but he needs to shape up fast after this if he isn’t going to throw it all away.

You only have to look at Ravel Morrison to see how a youngster at Old Trafford can piss away his future with a poor attitude.

Tunnicliffe’s no nonsense and gritty style of play mean he can bring something that no other midfielder at United currently has – that Roy Keane-esque bite – but he’s done himself no favours with Sir Alex by getting this ban and fine.

Hopefully it will be a turning point from him and he will realise his errors. He is only 19-years-old and teenagers make mistakes – he just needs to make sure this is a one off.

Ryan Tunnicliffe’s wrecked Range Rover. Photo: Tony Spencer

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