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A day out for Sir Alex Ferguson (inc. pictures and videos)

by jonnyescott

A brisk but bright Friday afternoon in Manchester was the setting for what was to be a very significant moment in not just the life of Manchester United Football Club, but in the lives of millions of supporters worldwide, especially those who were able to witness such a momentous occasion at Old Trafford. A turnout which would match if not better the recent capacity’s down the road at the Etihad, it was the day in which Sir Alex Ferguson cemented his place as the best football manager to ever grace the earth.

There has been talk of Sir Alex getting his own statue at Old Trafford for a long time but only now, has the talk being turned into a reality. After getting the North stand named after him earlier this year, Manchester United needed to trump that and they did so by erecting a statue of Sir Alex outside of the perfectly named, Sir Alex Ferguson stand.

As the crowds slowly started to gather, the sun hid away for a long spell and then came the shower of rain to everyone’s discomfort, especially the ever so vibrant host Eamonn Holmes. When the clock struck two, the show began. Holmes duly welcomed everybody to the Theatre Of Dreams then his attention turned to the main man, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Reading through the honours in which Sir Alex has won for the club, Eamonn ended with “In that time there has been, five American presidents, five British prime minsters, 10 Liverpool managers, 12 England managers, and even better, NINETEEN Manchester City Managers” all greeted with a loud cheer from the ever so lively crowd, especially the latter.


Then came the moment of truth, with the rain slowly getting lighter almost like it was to stop to acknowledge the occasion, described as ‘the only lady he is scared of’, Sir Alex’s wife Cathy stepped up to unveil the statue. And there it was, the moment so many people had been waiting for, the statue of Sir Alex Ferguson, visible to anyone who was fortunate enough to witness the this once in a lifetime occasion. And when you thought the ceremony couldn’t get any more touching, two rainbows entered the sky.

“Normally people die before they see their statue, I’m outliving death’. The words, of the great, Sir Alex Ferguson.

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