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Borussia Dortmund manager confirms Manchester United interest in Lewandowski

by Sam Peoples

Robert Lewandowski is one of the hottest strikers in European football right now and earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported that Manchester United had already sealed a deal for the Polish international.

Whilst those reports are speculative, Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp today confirmed that Manchester United were looking at the player.

Speaking at the Borussia Dortmund press conference prior to Manchester City’s visit tomorrow, Jurgen Klopp said:

“I’m not afraid that he’ll be leaving us. Obviously Manchester United are one of many clubs showing an interest in him but his contract is with us.

“The time when the big, rich English clubs come here to lure German players away are over.

“I’m not afraid we will lose him and for the second half of the season he will stay with us.”

Unusually honest, Jurgen Klopp has admitted that Manchester United are showing an interest in him but he seems confident that the striker will be with Borussia Dortmund until the summer, although he didn’t comment on anything past then. The first thing that springs to mind is do Manchester United don’t need another striker? We are scoring freely this year and it is in midfield and defence that we need to see improvements. Correct.

However, if we were to sign Robert Lewandowski, it could be an indication that Wayne Rooney will be adopting his deeper midfield role on a more permanent basis. Against Reading this weekend, Rooney showcased once again his world class capabilities of running the midfield with a man of the match performance including two goals and indicated that maybe we shouldn’t be looking at signing a midfielder but that another attacker might be the better option.

Robert Lewandowski would certainly be a fantastic signing on paper. He scored 30 goals for the German outfit last season and has already scored 14 in this campaign. Partnering him with Robin van Persie up front with Shinji Kagawa and Wayne Rooney behind him, with Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck biting at their heels? That certainly would be an attacking team brimming with talent.

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