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PICTURE: You can’t keep Rafael and Fabio separate

by Sam Peoples

They might be hundreds of miles apart now but you can’t keep the Da Silva twins apart it seems, not even with their haircuts.

Rafael uploaded his trim new haircut onto Instagram a couple of hours ago only for Fabio to upload his new crew cut an hour later. Long gone are the days of curly locks – we’ll miss them.

This season is the first time that the twins have played football at separate clubs and you only have to look at the progression of Rafael to see that it is having a positive effect. Fabio has been unlucky with injuries but he will hopefully have progression of his own under the wing of Harry Redknapp at QPR.

I’ve always imagined that the future back line at Manchester United could be Rafael, Smalling, Jones and Fabio. Why not? The last full back brothers we had didn’t do too badly did they?

Both photographs taken from the instagrams of Rafael and Fabio

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