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PICTURE: Nick Powell’s broken down Corsa can’t dampen his spirits

by Sam Peoples

nick powell manchester united broken down car tweet

Not even a broken down car can knock the happy go lucky attitude of Nick Powell. Tonight his Vauxhall Corsa broke down on the way to Holmes Chapel but he was quick to let his Twitter following poke a jibe at him, posting a picture on his official account @NPowell25.

Nick Powell is such a refreshing young player in every respect. Since his move to Manchester United in the summer, the 18-year-old has done nothing but impress everybody at the club.

Making the huge jump from League Two to the Premier League is enough of a change to send any youngster spinning skywards but Powell has shown maturity beyond his years, on and off the pitch.

At a time when other youngsters at Manchester United are crashing £50,000 Range Rover’s, Powell is not letting his instant fame get to his head. Early comparisons from Ferguson to Scholes are premature but not unfounded – his passing intelligence on the pitch combined with a shy and almost elusive nature in front of the camera, the similarities are there to see.

Not even a Champions League debut away to Galatasaray daunted Powell, who was probably our best player on the night, and he seems hungry for the challenge ahead. Although, if he misses any training sessions with a broken down car, Ferguson certainly won’t have any sympathy for him!

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