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Simply the Best at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

For those that witnessed him play, George Best is often at the top of their all time best Manchester United players list without thought.

He transformed himself from a homesick 15-year-old Northern Irish lad into the worlds best footballer, dazzling fans with his dancing feet and technical ability so rare in the days of tough tackling and boggy pitches.

While his off field antics cut short his playing career, there’s no doubting the legacy he left behind at United. An 11 year career saw him notch 179 goals in 470 appearances and he will forever be remembered as part of the “Holy Trinity” with Charlton and Law that guided United to one of the landmark years in our history – the 1968 European Cup final triumph.

He was simply the Best. I never got the chance to see him play but judging from his goals in this video, I think it would be hard to argue against his status as the Best.


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