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The Weekly Henriquez – Sunderland

by Sam Peoples

Here is the latest instalment of The Weekly Henriquez with Jesus Was a Wiganer, bringing you up-to-date information each week on the progress of Angelo Henriquez on loan at Wigan Athletic this season.

With their £4m striker warming a luxurious bench somewhere sunny, Wigan Athletic ideally require someone, anyone, to step into the role of goalscorer if they retain ambitions of surviving another season in England’s top flight. What about Angelo Henriquez?

His ‘relative inexperience’ was not evident last Saturday as he headed home Shaun Maloney’s dangerous cross with the confidence and assuredness of an established centre forward. “He’ll have that coached out of him at Wigan,” mumbled one typically sardonic East Stander as the visibly delighted Henriquez was soon rendered invisible beneath a pile of bodies.

“The type of movement indicative of a predatory goalscorer is frowned upon at this club.” It’s tempting to say that supporter, who obviously sees himself as the Charlie Brooker of Wigan fans, was me. But I prefer to enjoy the optimism of youth before decades of following the club mould me into an under-ambitious boo-boy (or worse, an empty seat).

For one moment I could forget the defensive uncertainty that is more threatening to Wigan’s season than any Premier League striker. This goal, nay, this man offers hope that the club might yet fix their broken soc – sorry, season. I’ve been watching too many of those Goal films (and party political broadcasts). Back to the normality of life in South Lancs we crash. Wigan’s unsettled defence is well documented but a vacancy has just opened up at the other end of the field. Pending transfer activity, Henriquez could soon be the man to seize it with a hat-trick against Macclesfield.

Hey, it could happen!

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