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Ronaldo: Real Madrid shut Ferguson’s mouth for me

by Tom Parker

Cristiano Ronaldo has earned plaudits across Europe for his part in knocking former club Manchester United out of this seasons Champions League, following his goal scoring salvo in both legs.

Ronaldo, of course, elected not to celebrate as a mark of respect for his former club. However, the original Ronaldo feels that respect is something Sir Alex Ferguson lacks distinctly.

During the build-up to the eagerly anticipated clash, Ferguson was inevitably asked about the Portuguese superstar and whether he was better than Madrid’s hat-trick hero when the two sides met in 2003. Ferguson responded by saying Cristiano “is better than Ronaldo, the old, fat one, and I mean that affectionately.”

This has drawn the ire of the now retired Brazilian who was a little displeased by Ferguson’s comments. Speaking at an event in the build up to the 2014 World Cup, Ronaldo said:

formely-fat-ronaldo“Real Madrid shut his mouth for me,” before adding that he felt disrespected by the United managers comments, pre match.

“A professional with so many years in the game, a knight of the realm, shouldn’t be so disrespectful, it’s distasteful.

“We respect his opinion. I don’t aspire to be the best in everybody’s eyes. I’m happy with what I did in my playing career, during which I was the best player in the world.

“I don’t have to talk about how I used to look, but I’m disappointed at his complete lack of respect when talking about me”, said the former Real Madrid and Barcelona player.”

Ronaldo then proceeded to stick the knife in, adding that he wished “the team managed by Ferguson always lose.” The 36-year-old was of course, famous for having a hefty figure, particularly in his later playing days but has now trimmed right back down into what is possibly the best condition he has ever been in.

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