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Why Bale is a better choice than Ronaldo

by Sam Peoples

By @Tweetsofared

This will probably cause a little bit of a stir but I honestly think Gareth Bale would be a better signing for Manchester United than Ronaldo right now. It’s looking pretty certain that Bale will be a Madrid player soon but a fan can dream, right? I feel as if he would be a better fit for United and a more beneficial signing in the long term.

Now at this point, you’re probably thinking I am talking about as much sense as Tevez did to a police officer. But, stick with me whilst I explain myself.

In my opinion, a legend is someone you know for a fact you’ll tell your kids about and that’s exactly what Cristiano is for United fans. Ronaldo is, for me, the best player in the world. He’s one of those rare players that could seamlessly fit into any team in the world. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best fit for United.

Ronaldo was with us for six years and in that time became one of the best players to ever wear a United shirt. However, I feel that if he came back and didn’t contribute as much we hoped he would, his status as a United legend could be tarnished. I have a firm belief that in most cases, not much good can come from a player resigning for an old club, especially one who carries the expectations that Ronaldo would.

Also, Ronaldo is 28. Now, I’m not saying that’s old but he has potentially three or four years left at his very peak whereas Gareth Bale, at 23, has another eight or nine years playing at the highest level.

Bale, right now, is the hottest prospect in Europe. He’s one of the best five players in the Premier League this season along with van Persie, Suarez, Mata and Michu. You could ask every manager and player in the world if they’d like Bale in their team and I’ll bet ‘Arry’s Range Rover they’ll all say yes.

You can guarantee the talk of the summer transfer window will be centred around Bale. If he was to move within England, there’s not a doubt in my mind he’d end up in the red side of Manchester. Although, the odds of him staying in England are pretty slim as long as Daniel Levy is at the helm of Tottenham.

It goes without saying that Bale is not as good as Ronaldo but who is to say he can’t be one day? Or at least come close to that level. And if anyone can turn Bale into a Ballon d’Or contender, it’s Sir Alex Ferguson. I don’t have the time to list all the world class players Ferguson and United have created over the years but if Bale wants to become one of the best in the world, then he needs to join a top club.

The two clubs which suit him most are Madrid and Manchester United. A strong case could be made that he’d slot in well at Barcelona but I don’t see this being the case. Bale needs to be one of the stars of the team to perform at his very best and that wouldn’t happen at Barcelona.

Also, the price difference between the two would be huge. You can’t see Madrid letting Ronaldo go for any less than what they paid for him. Do United really have that kind of money to throw around on 28-year-old former players?

The ethos of United has always been, for the most part, buy players young and turn them into world class players. Very rarely have United broken this mould with the exceptions of Robin Van Persie and Juan Sebastian Veron, amongst a few others. For this reason alone, I can’t see us stumping up the cash.

However, I think the prospect of buying Bale would make Ferguson’s little red nose glow like Balotelli’s house fire. If there is one thing United need, it’s a versatile, goal scoring winger who can terrorise defences like Valencia did last season. That’s exactly what Sir Alex would be getting if he signed Bale and I have a feeling that if United made a bid for him, he’d find it hard to say no.

Fergie, sign him up.

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