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Yohann Cabaye: Manchester United are a machine

by Sam Peoples

Cabaye has labelled Manchester United as a “machine” and said that Manchester City simply aren’t the same ahead of Newcastle United’s clash with City this weekend.

City are sitting 15 points behind United with only nine games remaining and Cabaye has put that down to a contrasting combination of United’s togetherness and City’s mercenary approach to football.

Speaking with The Sun, he said: “United are a machine. Sir Alex is doing a fantastic job for the club.

“Even when the players change, he knows which player is going to be good for his team.

“City have fantastic players but, unfortunately for them, they don’t think and play as a team — it’s not the same as United. So maybe that’s the difference.

“City are still a fantastic team. But they are a team of individuals.”

This year, City have looked a shadow of the team they were last year. They have not coped with their injuries well and United have taken full advantage.

And Cabaye feels that the gap is now too big for City to mount a successful late bid to hold onto their Premier League title.

He said: “The 15 points is a big difference and it’s going to be more difficult than last season when they had eight points.

“I think it’s impossible because if United win three games, they win the title. It’s going to be hard for them.”

Very complimentary words indeed from Cabaye. I’m not sure there is a Premier League midfielder who would be available at a price this summer who could bring more to the table than Cabaye would.

Having captained his Lille side to Ligue 1 in France, he knows what it takes to win and he has been excellent in his performances against Manchester United and he only cost Newcastle £4 million. Maybe Cabaye wants to be part of the “machine”.

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