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VIDEO: Alex Ferguson’s real message to Sunderland fans

by Sam Peoples

Those Sunderland fans were cheering for City, remember the day – we won’t forget that, I’m telling you.” Sir Alex Ferguson

We all know what happened at Sunderland last season and the players will certainly remember watching the home fans revel in United’s pain. Phil Jones‘ dishevelled and forlorn look epitomised how everybody felt.

Ten months later and the fixture at the Stadium of Light has come back around. Time for Ferguson to unleash his revenge, right? Wrong – if you are to believe what he said in this morning’s press conference when he said he had no problem with Sunderland fans for their Poznan celebrations last season.

I find that hard to believe. At the end of season awards, Ferguson gave a powerful speech about how Liverpool fans  tore up the autographs of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham et al after losing the title to Leeds United in 1992. He has never forgotten that and he won’t forget Sunderland either, even if he said he will.

There’s no way that Ferguson isn’t going to remind all the players in the dressing room before kick-off what happened last year, not that they will need reminding, as fuel to bring out a performance.

Sunderland fans knew exactly what they were doing. United players and fans won’t forget what they did, even if Ferguson claims he has.

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