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How was Anderson named United’s sixth best player this season?

by Sam Peoples

men-totyAll season, Manchester Evening News has held a poll after each match where fans give their player ratings for the performance. On paper, it sounded like a great way of getting fan interaction and a wide opinion from the fans. In reality, it reached some very questionable conclusions.

Here is the Manchester Evening News team of the year as voted for by fans using three scoring categories of impact, skill and effort (percentages based on at least 15 matches):

Rafael 75% / De Gea 74% / Vidic 74% / Van Persie 74% / Rooney 72% / Anderson 70% / Kagawa 70% / Hernandez 68% / Ferdinand 68% / Evans 68% / Jones 67% / Carrick 65% / Cleverley 65% / Evra 65% / Smalling 65% / Giggs 63% / Welbeck 60%  / Nani 59% / Scholes 59% / Valencia 59% / Young 56%

Anderson was rated the 6th best player in the squad this year ahead of the likes of Ferdinand and Carrick who both made it into the PFA Team of the Year. Anderson has had his moments but he certainly does not merit a spot in our team of the year.

I do think this will be Anderson’s last season at the club. We’ve given him plenty of chance to make a name for himself and through a combination of persistent injuries and a lack of desire on occasions from him, he has never grasped his opportunities which is a shame given his talent. The club has been patient with him for many seasons but now seems the right time for him to move on.

As for Ferdinand and Carrick, both deserve to be given a far higher rating given the level of consistency they have shown this season. Ferdinand has had one of his best seasons in a United shirt, ever. For Carrick and Cleverley to be given the same rating is especially confusing given the contrasting impact, skill and effort both have shown over the course of this season with Cleverley only playing 13 minutes of Premier League football in the past six game weeks.

Two that I wholeheartedly agree with are Rafael and De Gea who top the list. Both have had a phenomenal season not only in terms of progression but in consistency too. They have become two of the best youngsters in the league and although they both missed out on the PFA Young Player of the Year nominations, they will both likely get nominated in the clubs official Player of the Year awards.

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