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Ferguson: Everything is in place for a big signing

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson has fuelled the transfer speculation fire by saying that ‘everything is in place for a big signing’ for Manchester United this year.

With a record third quarter turnover of £91.7 million, United are certainly staying lucrative on the commercial front but there are still debts in excess of £350 million hanging over the club.

Despite this, Ferguson has full faith in the Glazers providing the funds if he wants to make a marquee signing this season.

“Everything is in place for a big signing. I think that the Glazers have been great,” Ferguson said.

“Whenever I have asked, they have delivered.

“If I ask to go for a certain player, I think they will do that.

“When I spoke about value in the market a while back, I was talking about young, developing players.

“Maybe there has been a wind of change and I could go for a really top player now.”

Last season, United had a plethora of striking options but Robin van Persie was signed and what a difference he has made.

It marked a shift in United’s transfer policy of recent years given our tendency to buy young players and nurture their talent but the impact of van Persie on the squad was Cantona-esque and worth every penny of the £24 million paid for him.

And Ferguson, who normally keeps his transfer cards very close to his chest, has been rather open in the past couple of years.

Last year, he admitted interest in Hazard, Moura and van Persie when he would normally stay tight lipped in what was a change of policy given that United had been struggling to compete financially in the market.

Despite Ed Woodward’s claim that United’s squad does not need major retooling, Ferguson clearly expects to bring somebody in.

Ferguson continued: “We have a nucleus of young players here, but we may spend something.

“When it’s a top player, it doesn’t matter what position they play in. I will bring them in if they add to the team.

“Last season we had [Javier] Hernandez, [Danny] Welbeck and [Wayne] Rooney and we still went out and bought Robin van Persie.”

If it is a marquee signing then the likes of Bale, Lewandowski, Falcao and even Ronaldo will surely be on the list as Ferguson looks to build on a league winning side but for me, it would have to be Bale if United are to go all out for a player.

The 23-year-old is exactly what this side is missing in a winger who can cut inside and pose a real threat to the oppositions goal with Nani, Young and Valencia all offering little to the team this season.

Bale has had a storming season notching 20 goals on the way to winning a PFA and Football Writers Player of the Year Award double, and Ferguson may well look at signing a player he admitted missing out on in the past.

A young, ferociously quick left footed Welshman tearing teams apart at United? The signs are already there…

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