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How naive does David Luiz think Manchester United fans are?

by Sam Peoples

According to The Independent, David Luiz has told friends that he wasn’t laughing during his feigned injury after being fouled by Rafael but was instead smiling at Manchester United fans’ Sideshow Bob jibes.

The Chelsea defender David Luiz has told friends that he was laughing at a Manchester United supporter who berated him as “Sideshow Bob”, the character from The Simpsons to whom he bears a resemblance, in the moments after he was fouled by Rafael da Silva on Sunday at Old Trafford.” The Independent

How naive does he actually think we are?

David Luiz knew exactly what he was doing and there was nothing funny about it. It was a rash challenge worthy of the red card and he can paint it whatever which way he wants to but it all boils down to him trying to get Rafael, his fellow Brazilian, sent off.

Rafael Benitez might not have seen it (yes, he pulled the Wenger) but everybody else did. Not much has been made of Luiz’ flying elbow that caught Rafael moments beforehand but Ferguson pulled him up on it.

“He [Rafael] retaliates but [Luiz] quite clearly elbows him twice then rolls about like a dying swan and that convinces the referee.

“He was smiling. It’s bad. What kind of professional is that?”

David Luiz collides with Jake ReevesLuiz doesn’t exactly have the best of records himself when it comes to discipline and tackles. As Ray Wilkins pointed out after the game, Luiz has a tendency to fling his elbows regularly and get away with it.

But there is no getting away with his sinister smile that Sergio Busquets and Didier Drogba would be proud of.

He might not be called Bob but he is quickly becoming a Sideshow of a defender.


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