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Ferguson: I thought 1999 would never be beaten but you’ve done it

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson has said that the parade today to celebrate the 2013 Premier League trophy was better than 1999.

Tens of thousands of fans lined the streets from Old Trafford all the way up to Albert Square and there could not have been a better send off to the greatest manager and one of the greatest players of all time.

“I thought 1999 would never be beaten but you have beaten it”, Ferguson exclaimed to the Albert Square crowd.

Giggs and Scholes also said that the turnout for this year was bigger than they remember 1999. There cannot be any higher praise than that.

Every set of traffic lights was occupied. Every statue was draped in United fans. Every street corner was a stand still. Every piece of scaffolding was full of fans who climbed into the skies to get a view of the bus as it passed.

It was a magnificent show of love and affection from the United fans that they turned up in their swarms to give their final goodbyes to Ferguson and Scholes. Both were visibly touched by the carnival atmosphere and Scholes even had to take the microphone after being called out by Ferdinand.

Fantastic. Intense. Special. Superlative overload. It was the perfect send off and one thing is for sure…



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