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Manchester United 2-1 Swansea: Goodbye Sir Alex Ferguson

by Sam Peoples

1. Goodbye Sir Alex. That’s it. 26 and a half years of pure, unadulterated love but Ferguson has finally hung his hairdryer up for the last time in Old Trafford’s dressing room.

Last week, we were all knocked for six when Ferguson announced that he was stepping down as Manchester United manager after nearly three decades at the helm. I’m still in shock now.

But, the time was right. United stormed to their biggest ever winning margin in the Premier League at a stroll – we have been by far and away the best team in England this year. It was always obvious Ferguson wanted to leave on a high – this was it.

Typically, Ferguson was beautifully forward thinking in his post-match speech where he told the fans that they have to get behind Moyes. Always thinking, never dwelling. What a man.

No manager will ever compete. No words will ever fully encapsulate just what Ferguson means to the club. No manager will ever compare.

Enjoy retirement Fergie, you deserve it.

2. Goodbye Scholes. Scholes’ full retirement was anticipated after his stop start season but it doesn’t make it any easier a pill to swallow.

The 38-year-old hadn’t played a game for over four months but you wouldn’t of known it. He controlled everything in his usual nonchalant fashion and looked right at home on the Old Trafford pitch.

Scholes has always been my favourite Manchester United player. Everything about him just makes you smile. When his number was called up, Old Trafford rose as one to salute him but he did not soak the moment up. Instead, he jogged away and nestled himself quietly on the bench.

It has been the hallmark of Scholes over the years. Always trying to avoid the limelight and just get on with what he does. That is what makes him so special. Nobody will ever compare to Scholes.

Let’s hope that he does join up in Moyes’ coaching staff because there can surely be no better player for our youngsters to learn from than the master himself.

3. A fitting end to an era. Everbody involved with Manchester United came together today and gave Ferguson the send off he deserved.

76,000 flags and banners helped create one of the most magical atmospheres Old Trafford has ever seen – the best atmosphere if Gary Neville‘s opinion is anything to go by. It was superb and you could feel the love that enveloped the terraces for Ferguson – it was all encompassing.

As for the team, they performed. Rio Ferdinand made sure of that with his first goal in five years. Cue raucous celebrations.

I don’t think that Ferguson could of asked for a better way to say his goodbye as United’s manager and the fans couldn’t have done more to let him know just what he means to us.


“I would like to remind you this club stood by me in bad times, the players and the staff. Your job now is to stand by the new manager.” Sir Alex Ferguson

4. The birth of Moyes Boyes. First we had the Busby Babes, then we had Fergie’s Fledgelings – now we have Moyes Boyes.

It was typical Ferguson. Amidst a day that was dedicated to his legacy, he made sure that the club and fans were looking forward to the future during his farewell speech.

Nobody wanted the day when Fergie retired to come but it has and it feels right. David Moyes has been chosen to be the man to try and follow in the footsteps of greatness. If Ferguson truly believes that he is the man to take the squad forward, then I believe him.


5. What now for Wayne? Ferguson has confirmed that Rooney handed in a transfer request last week. Shock horror. Rooney questioned United’s ambition so we went out and bought van Persie and won the title. Now he is obviously upset at playing second fiddle.

If there was one player in this team that might actually benefit from Ferguson retiring, it is Rooney. It is obvious his relationship with Ferguson was far from rosy and he could, in theory, start fresh with Moyes who he worked with back at Everton.

Rooney handed in the transfer request before Ferguson announced his retirement and in all honesty, I can see him backtracking now that Moyes is going to be the boss.

When it comes to title ambitions, he knows he won’t find anywhere more hungry than United and given the successes of this year, that isn’t going to change any time soon.

But for me, if a player does not want to be at the club then sell them.

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