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Albert Morgan: Some of the things Fergie did to me I couldn’t tell you on TV!

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s kit-man Albert Morgan has admitted that Sir Alex Ferguson is a completely different man behind the scenes.

Morgan has been United’s kit-man for nearly 20 years and has been at Old Trafford for nearly all of Ferguson’s reign at the club and he has a really strong relationship with Ferguson.

And speaking to MUTV at tonight’s end of season Player Awards, Morgan painted a very different picture of a man who is as hard nosed as they get on pitch.

“Fergie has a wicked sense of humour. Some of the things he has done to me I can’t tell you on TV!” he said.

Morgan explained that he and Ferguson used to trade pranks on each other but it seems that Morgan will be keeping those details close to his chest.

Ferguson is obviously a completely different man behind the scenes. The 71-year-old Scot may have a mean demeanour on the touchline but the relationship he had with his staff was far from sour.

Earlier tonight, Ferguson admitted that he cried when he told his back room staff he was leaving the club and Morgan revealed he thought something else was happening when Ferguson told him.

“I was honoured because Fergie pulled me in on my own which normally means you’re getting the sack but then he told me the news.

“It’s sad about the gaffer going but as he always says life goes on and we’ve got to get on with it.”

Morgan’s is just another testament to the kind nature of the real Ferguson that not many of us get to see and it goes some way to explaining why he was seen as a father figure by so many at the club.

There have been strong rumours that Morgan will be leaving the club as well this summer but in his interview, he kept talking about next year. I’ve never heard a bad word spoken about Morgan and I don’t expect to. He is a fantastic character to have around the club and long may it continue.

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