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Wayne Rooney’s final ‘farewell’ to Sir Alex Ferguson

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney has not travelled with the Manchester United squad for the final game of Sir Alex Ferguson‘s 26 year tenure as United’s manager against West Brom.

The club has given him permission to be with his wife Coleen as she is due to give birth within the next few days.

Rooney was left out of last weeks’ squad against Swansea after requesting to be and this week’s absence means he will play no part in Sir Alex Ferguson‘s farewell.

Ferguson has stated that he has no interest in dealing with Rooney’s future and will leave it up to David Moyes to decide what he wants to do with him when he officially takes over on July 1, although movement would likely be faster than that with the season finishing today.

The 27-year-old handed in his second transfer request in three years and struggled to even smile on United’s trophy parade around Manchester despite the throngs of fans that chanted his name.

He isn’t exactly hiding his disinterest at being a United player right now. When he collected his medal after Swansea, his dropped shoulders and sombre face didn’t paint the picture of a player who had just collected his fifth Premier League medal.

Although the reasons behind missing the West Brom game are perfectly legitimate, Rooney’s future at United is completely up in the air. Ferguson’s departure may be good for Rooney given his strained relationship with him but he is going to struggle to keep the fans on his side after handing in his second transfer request.

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