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Manchester United’s love affair with John Terry

by Sam Peoples

Dear John,


It’s five years to the day since Moscow,

When you slipped on your arse in the rain,

United fans want to let you know,

We still bask in your tears and your pain.


We were one kick away from losing,

What a heartbreak that would have been,

But your slip which was more than amusing,

Sent us wild – it was quite a scene.


Then we all know what happened next,

Van Der Sar proved that he was the best,

Anelka dejected, United erected,

Ronaldo buried his face in his chest.


You have been to three finals in Europe,

But have always done nout on the pitch,

Yet your hands are still first on the trophy,

Like a leech in your full Chelsea kit.


But we owe it to you John Terry,

For your perfectly timed fall from grace,

Fond memories of a wonderful victory,

And the tears that streamed down your face.


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