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Wayne Rooney’s transfer saga takes new twist with claims of Ferguson lies

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that Wayne Rooney handed in his second transfer request in three years after his last game at Old Trafford.

But last night, The Mirror claimed that Wayne Rooney has denied handing in an official transfer request at all.

Wayne Rooney fears he is being forced out of Manchester United and into exile as Paris Saint-Germain. Rooney is adamant that he has NOT made an official transfer request, despite newly-retired manager Alex Ferguson publicly insisting that he HAD asked to leave the Old Trafford giants. Rooney fears the United fans may struggle to forgive him and it now seems almost certain that the 27-year-old will leave this summer.” The Mirror

Now, a few conclusions can be drawn from John Cross’ article last night. First of all, Ferguson lied and reliable journalists such as The Telegraph’s Mark Ogden and The Mirror’s David McDonnell got it wrong when they broke the story about Rooney handing in his transfer request.

Secondly, Rooney is lying and he did hand in a transfer request or thirdly, and given that there are no quotes in the article it is a more than plausible explanation, the story is made up entirely.

For me, I trust in Ferguson. He might not have had the best of relationships with Rooney but if there was one thing he wouldn’t do to the club before he left, it would be to leave it in a tricky situation. Lying about Rooney making a transfer request would have done exactly that.

Rooney must have the worst representation in football. The company who works with him don’t seem to have any idea how to handle him and the advice he gets is dismal. If he did hand his transfer request in, why would he do it right before the end of a title run in? It doesn’t make sense.

And if he didn’t hand in a request, why has it taken until now for the reports to be denied? Surely it would be in Rooney’s best interest to quash the rumours if they weren’t true. Instead, a dejected Rooney sat atop the bus on the parade and could hardly crack a smile.

This latest Rooney saga reeks already. Contrasting stories and rumours have already begun to surface and the window hasn’t even opened up yet.

The 27-year-old is clearly not happy at United right now, it isn’t hard to tell that from his body language. As I have said before, Ferguson’s departure is good for him because it means he can start fresh under Moyes for the second time and I’d be more than surprised if Moyes didn’t try his hardest to keep Rooney at the club.

But Rooney will have a tough time rebuilding bridges he has burned twice and I’d rather see Kagawa getting his preferred position than a sub-par Rooney being played by default. If he wants to leave, let him. The grass won’t be greener, he’ll soon realise that but unfortunately for Rooney, it will be too late by that point and United will have moved on without him. That’s how football works.

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