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Buttner reveals hilarious Kagawa initation story at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

kagawa-buttnerAlexander Buttner and Shinji Kagawa both arrived at Manchester United in the summer and have settled into life at Old Trafford.

On the pitch, they have had their moments and off it they have bonded well as newcomers in Manchester.

And in a fantastic interview with Voetbal International, Buttner revealed how Kagawa’s initation at United did not go as anyone had expected when the whole team got together for a social.

“At United, it is usual that you sing a song or hold a speech when you’re new, for example,” he told Voetbal International.

“I had a little talk about my first positive experiences at the club, but for my buddy Kagawa, it was all a bit more difficult.

“He barely speaks English, that’s why he stood out in the middle of Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant while the whole squad was watching him.

“He then screamed ‘I don’t speak English’, put on the music and started dancing Gangnam Style alone.

“It was legendary, everybody was on the floor laughing.”

He might not have settled as well as he had hoped on the pitch but it seems Kagawa has had no such troubles with his fellow players by the sound of it.

Buttner’s hilarious story certainly explains Rio Ferdinand’s antics at the Premier League trophy parade in Albert Square where his ‘ohh, Shinji Kagawa’ chant got the Japanese playmaker up and dancing again.

It’s great to hear stories like this as it makes you realise the friendships that are created behind closed doors.

Both Buttner and Kagawa coped well with their first season in a strange environment and I expect that they will come back stronger next year. Let’s just hope that Kagawa will be able to express himself on the field as confidently as he can off it!

All translation credit to @ybthebest. The full Buttner interview is to be released by Voetbal International this weekend, so check back for more from The Peoples Person this weekend. 

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