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SPORT: Thiago will join Manchester United next week on a five year deal

by Sam Peoples

Thiago Alcantara will be a Manchester United player next week according to Spanish daily SPORT who have a front page splash of the story in today’s print version, emblazoned with Thiago in a United shirt.

They claim that the 22-year-old midfielder has already agreed a five year deal with United and that only a few loose ends need to be tied up before the deal is completed.

SPORT have been heavily involved in covering the Thiago transfer rumours from the very start from citing the players indecisiveness as aggravating Barcelona to saying that they had imposed a ten day ultimatum on him to decide where he wanted to play football next season.

thiago5Given the intensity and depth of the coverage surrounding Thiago’s situation at Barcelona, it would be difficult for the player to remain at the club given the very public dissection of it. If  anything, the Catalonian newspaper SPORT seem to be willingly forcing the player out of Barcelona rather than trying to persuade him to stay.

If they wanted Thiago to stay at the club, they would be doing everything in their power to make the player realise just how important he is to the club and why leaving would be the wrong thing to do.

Yesterday, David Moyes confirmed that United were looking to secure signings before the start of pre-season on July 13, so a Thiago deal being announced next week certainly coincides with that.

Excitement is building to unprecedented levels given how far gone this saga has come but if SPORT are correct, then we won’t have to wait much longer for the conclusion we all want – Thiago in a United shirt.

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