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Sky Italia retracts confirmation of Thiago joining Bayern Munich

by Sam Peoples

Thiago Alcantara had chosen to move to ignore interest from Manchester United and join Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich according to Sky Italia before they decided to retract their claims.

Guardiola, who is currently in Italy with his team at a training retreat in Lake Garda, became the first person to publicly speak out about Thiago at a press conference this morning, lauding him as the single player he wanted to sign this summer.

Given that there was no mention of the ‘confirmed’ deal on Sky Italia’s Twitter or website, I’d say this deal was far from confirmed and was merely inflated more inflated speculation.

Until it is confirmed by Barcelona or the club he will be joining, this Thiago saga will continue to rear its ugly head.

As for Sky Italia’s credibility as a reputable source, they claim enough outlandish things that one of them is bound to be right eventually but they are far from a reliable source as today’s retraction of their Thiago confirmation shows.

Thiago’s silence due to him being on holiday has morphed his transfer into a saga very quickly but with the 22-year-old expected back at Barcelona for pre-season training in five days, he will have to make his mind up sooner rather than later.

The worrying thing for United fans if Thiago decides to join Munich is that it is becoming all too regular to lose out on transfer targets.

Aside from van Persie, United have missed out on a host of players in recent years including the likes of Hazard, Moura, Ozil and Benzema. When it comes to competing with the other powerhouses in the transfer market, we seem to fall short at the last hurdle.

Be it agent fees or the lure of somewhere else, United aren’t the indomitable force in the transfer market they used to be. Despite that, United walked the Premier League last season at a canter so it can’t be effecting us that much.

This isn’t to say Thiago will definitely join Munich and, given his desire for first team football, we still stand a very good chance of signing him this summer.

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