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EXCLUSIVE: Why Fabregas won’t be joining Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

When Cesc Fabregas’ name popped up as a potential signing for Manchester United this summer, not much attention was paid to it given that he had only moved back to Barcelona two years ago.

But now that David Moyes has confirmed that United have submitted a bid to sign Fabregas, there is a possibility that the 26-year-old midfielder could follow Robin van Persie to Old Trafford.

But how likely is that move? The Peoples Person sat down with Lee, editor of LadyArse, to discuss the real potential of Fabregas’ move back to England.

So, Cesc Fabregas to Manchester United. Do you think it will ever happen.

I genuinely don’t. I know I thought van Persie to United would never happen as well but Fabregas is different. He arrived at Arsenal as a kid and has frequently spoken about how Arsene Wenger is like a father to him and is the reason he is the player he is today.

He has said before that the only two clubs he could see himself playing for are Arsenal and Barcelona. He’s not motivated by money, in fact he took a cut to join Barcelona.

Just watch his press conference after he left Arsenal to see what the club mean to him. He has spoken of two dreams – to make it at Barcelona and to win a trophy with Arsenal and having watched him closely since he was 16 [ten years] he tends to be true to his word.


I would be fairly certain that for as long as Wenger is at Arsenal, Fabregas will not play for another Premier League side.

What clause does Fabregas have with Arsenal? Will it definitely stop any move to United?

There have been varying reports of multiple clauses which don’t seem to work together. The popular opinion is that Arsenal have a buy back price and a first option, but they don’t go together. Say Arsenal had a buy back price of £30m and United offered £50m, it makes no sense Arsenal would be allowed to sign him for £30m.

Arsene Wenger said this week that we have a clause in there and the general thought is that should Barcelona accept a bid from another club, Arsenal will be notified and offered first refusal on the player at whatever the bid price is.

So Cesc says he isn’t leaving, Barcelona say he isn’t leaving and Wenger said he isn’t leaving. I don’t know where the *hint* is that he is leaving.

Why aren’t Arsenal making advances now that there is a hint he could leave Barcelona?

Wenger came out this week and said that as far as he is aware Fabregas will be at Barcelona for another year. We aren’t moving for him because he isn’t moving anywhere – if he was we’d know about it.

Fabregas has said at least twice this summer already he wants to stay at Barcelona and the club have said he’s not for sale. When Fabregas was at Arsenal and linked with Barcelona, each summer he said he was staying, he stayed.

So Cesc says he isn’t leaving, Barcelona say he isn’t leaving and Wenger said he isn’t leaving. I don’t know where the *hint* is that he is leaving.

I’m not going to talk about RVP but would Fabregas moving to United cut even deeper?

It certainly would but it would be a different kind of hurt. It’s hard to describe but the love Arsenal fans have for Fabregas goes beyond anything they had for van Persie. For many Arsenal fans, Fabregas is up there with Bergkamp and Henry. It’s inconceivable that he would go to United.

Fabregas said back in 2009 that he was a United fan before our Champions League clash. Some players praise their opposition but nobody says they are a fan of the opposition. What’s your take on that?

I honestly don’t think he meant it the way it’s being taken. He is a Barcelona and Arsenal fan. End of story.

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