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Rooney’s real reason behind desire to quit Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United because of fears that Sir Alex Ferguson will have too much influence at Old Trafford despite his retirement.

The Daily Mail claims that Rooney is worried that Ferguson would re-kindle their fractious relationship further down the line and that it is something Rooney has discussed with Ed Woodward in the past week.

Ferguson’s retirement was the only move that could have saved Rooney’s career as the pair struggled to stay on terms towards the end of his reign as manager but a new era under Moyes could rekindle Rooney’s career at United.

Rooney tainted his relationship with Ferguson back in 2010 when he handed in an official transfer request and the Scot publicly stated that Rooney had handed in a second one at the end of the 2012/13 season. Despite no reports officially confirming or denying the request, it is a remark that has sparked Rooney’s transfer saga this summer.

Although Rooney is right in the fact that Ferguson will play a major role at United for years to come, he is wrong in thinking that he would try to get directly involved with the side or the manager.

He asked Old Trafford to get behind their new manager at his last ever home game in charge and wouldn’t ask the fans to do it if he wasn’t going to himself.

Rooney has done nothing to quash any rumours and is clearly unhappy with the current situation at United but we are unlikely to sell to Chelsea, having immediately rejected their initial bid for him.

Using Ferguson’s position in the stand would be nothing more than an excuse from Rooney. If his heart isn’t in it anymore, he should come out and say it rather than leading United fans on. At least that way, the club would know where we stood.

Image: Canberratimes

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