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David Moyes to blame for Van Persie injury claims Dutch expert

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes’ pre-historic training methods are to blame for Robin van Persie‘s thigh injury according to Dutch fitness expert Raymond Verheijen.

Verheijen, a fitness coach who has worked with the likes of Manchester City, Barcelona and Wales under the late Gary Speed, called Moyes’ ‘dinosaur’ approach to training the reason why Van Persie picked his injury up.

Speaking on his official Twitter account, he wrote: “In Sydney Moyes said: ‘We’ve overtrained Robin this week to build up his fitness’. [In Japan] he picked up muscle injury. It really makes you wonder how these prehistoric training methods can still take place at the highest level.

“We have overtrained him [Van Persie] this week to try and make sure we build up his fitness but he has never complained about a thing.” David Moyes

“The only way to solve this problem in Jurassic Park is to improve education of these dinosaur coaches, fitness clowns & scientific cowboys.

“All over the world in pre-season you see the pattern ‘overtraining-fatigue-injuries’. Always avoid accumulation of fatigue in pre-season.

“But as long as most dinosaurs are still in denial & ignore how things develop in other countries, nothing will ever change in Jurassic Park. Obviously, players like RVP should learn to protect themselves better against ‘overtraining’ & ‘punishing training’.”

Verheijen is known for speaking out against clubs before with the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea all falling foul to his criticism in the past.

As far as I was aware, Moyes has been lauded for his hands on approach to training with his light hearted shooting practice at the end of a grilling public training session an indication of the balance he provides.

But, over-training Van Persie was always going to be a risky move given his injury history from the past. It looked like Van Persie’s substitution was nothing more than a precaution and going into the new Premier League season, fans will be hoping he can hold his fitness once again.

Verheijen’s quotes are nothing more than hot air. He is renowned more for his public outbursts of criticism than his ability as a fitness coach it seems.

If there is one thing that Moyes’ training methods aren’t, it is jurassic given that the Scot is only 50. Alongside him, Giggs (39) and Neville (36) are also very young. 

Moyes has got the perfect coaching staff in Giggs and Neville. They will know how to push the boundaries of the team while still working within reasonable limits because of their knowledge of the club.

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