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Barcelona’s double U-turn on Fabregas confuses Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Barcelona’s financial vice-president Javier Faus has stated that Cesc Fabregas will be staying at Barcelona this summer.

His comments come just a day after new manager Gerardo Martino insisted that Fabregas’ future was up to him rather than Barcelona, indicating that the club was willing to accept an offer from David Moyes.

Speaking to SPORT, Faus said: “It’s a theme in sports. He has a contract, the club and the coach want him to stay.

“Come on, he will stay. The interest is real. but we have no intention of letting him go.”

The Spanish side has always reiterated that Fabregas is not for sale at any price but Martino’s comments undermined that, so Faus’ statement once again gives mixed signals about Fabregas’ availability this summer.

It might be the case that Martino said something he shouldn’t have but he would have been briefed about what to say regarding the Fabregas scenario by the Barcelona board already.

Fabregas is expected to announce his decision in the next week while away in Asia on Barcelona’s pre-season tour.

Judging from the club’s public reaction to United’s offers, they are worried that Fabregas could decide to leave the club and with mixed signals coming from the board and management regarding his future, it wouldn’t help the 26-year-old midfielder make up his mind.

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