Carragher shaping up to be the new Neville with excellent Rooney analysis

by Sam Peoples

Jamie Carragher might have the worst accent on television now that Sky Sports have signed him up but in his first Saturday column in the Daily Mailhe is absolutely spot on with his opinion on Wayne Rooney.

Like Gary Neville, nobody would have expected Carragher to make the transition to punditry well but he has already proven that to be a misconception. His knowledge of the game is deep and I’m looking forward to his partnership with Neville on Sky Sports this season. Here’s his take on Rooney’s situation at United and I couldn’t agree more with it:

“If Suarez were to leave Liverpool for anyone other than Europe’s three most eminent clubs, it would be a mistake. Wayne Rooney also would be making a mistake if he tried to force through a move from Manchester United.

“Sometimes players would do well to look at the bigger picture. I can understand if Wayne has been seduced by the idea of becoming Jose Mourinho’s main man, but he could achieve so much more at Old Trafford.

“He has the chance to set records that will stand the test of time. Rooney has 197 goals. With a couple of good seasons, he could overtake Denis Law (237) and then Sir Bobby Charlton (249). That would be a phenomenal feat.

“What is more important to these players? Achieving legendary status at their clubs — both are blessed with the talent to do so — or moving on a whim, leaving under a cloud and never being able to return to the clubs where they had once given such joy?

“I would love Wayne to show how good he is this season, to show he is one of the most feared players in Europe. He has won all the trophies you could wish for, it is about him cementing his legacy.

“He left Everton under a cloud in 2004, he doesn’t want to leave United in the same way.

“Suarez and Rooney have their reasons for wanting to move but I do not agree with them. The most important thing for a player is to have his career seen in the right light. Suarez needs to give Liverpool one more year.

“Both players should get back to what they do best — and give the clubs who have provided them with a platform to become world stars the respect and loyalty they deserve.”

Legacy. It’s a word that only gets thrown around when it is really meant. 95% of professional footballers don’t leave a legacy but there is an upper echelon of players – George Best, Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, the list goes on – who leave something behind when their careers are over.

If Rooney were to leave United this summer, his legacy would be one smeared with bad memories, tainted by conflict and remembered for its incredible highs and drowning lows.

He has already achieved everything a player could want to at United, so why would he go and chase it somewhere else if he could achieve it again Old Trafford whilst cementing his legacy in one of the most historic clubs in the world?

I couldn’t agree more with Carragher’s logic. Leaving on a whim to throw away your legacy doesn’t make sense.

Image: Sky Sports

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