Manchester United set a precedent with Wayne Rooney

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United will not sell Wayne Rooney to Chelsea this summer no matter how high their offers go according to The Guardian‘s Daniel Taylor.

He suggests that United are not going to entertain any offers based on the principle that player power will not determine any transfer at Old Trafford and that at no point this summer did United entertain the possibility of placing a valuation on Rooney, even if he were to hand in an official transfer request.

“Manchester United have taken the top-level decision that Wayne Rooney will not be sold to Chelsea no matter how much money is offered or whatever the potential risks of keeping an unhappy player,” Taylor said.

“Their stance is irreversible and will represent a significant setback for José Mourinho, who had been under the impression a deal to take him to Stamford Bridge was only a matter of time.”

Player power has really taken hold over big money moves in recent years and United’s iron stance on Rooney will set a precedent in the market. The club looks prepared to take a risk on having an unhappy Rooney in the ranks rather than letting him go to a domestic rival with the aspirations of a change of heart from him in the future.

United know full well that if Rooney were to join Chelsea, he would re-find the hunger that makes him such a dangerous player and likely score 20 or 30 goals next season, so there is a calculated risk of having an unhappy Rooney rather than improved opposition.

Rooney’s agent Paul Stretford must be pulling his hair out after reading this. He has abused player power over the years and manipulated Rooney’s position with the club until, at points, it became untenable but if United adopt a no nonsense approach, he would be powerless.

It is about time that clubs stopped players dictating market movement. If United don’t want to sell Rooney, they won’t. No transfer request is going to change that.

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