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David Moyes confirms Manchester United looking at several players to buy

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United will bring new players in during this transfer window, David Moyes has confirmed.

Despite a lack of official activity, Moyes is confident that United can succeed in completing ongoing negotiations before the end of the transfer window.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Moyes said: “I’m confident we will have players in.

“We are involved in several players we are looking at and that will continue. Will we get them before the deadline? I hope so, but we are working very hard to do so.”

The Telegraph last night reported that United would be submitting a club record £40m bid for Cesc Fabregas and our persistent pursuit of the Spanish midfielder indicated that he may have been our only target.

So it is good to hear from Moyes that United have other targets should a final bid for Fabregas fail, otherwise we risked being left with no signings in this window.

Moyes said at the very start of July that it was likely business could be conducted late on and that has proved to be the case.

“This was always going to be a difficult window for me personally because I joined Manchester United on 1 July so it is giving you a short period to get to know the players and to get to know the market,” he continued.

“Yes of course I was working on it during the summer but it is never the same until you have actually worked with the players and been around them.

“But what I do know is the group of players we have got are a great group of players – they won the Premier League last year.

“We have got lots of young exciting players – a lot of them played for England last night – so it is important that we focus on the players we have got at Manchester United and how well they have done last year.

“There is not much change so hopefully they will be able to continue the way they finished last season.”

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