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David Moyes makes his first move with Cristiano Ronaldo

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes sent Phil Neville and Steve Round to Portugal last night to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in action against Robin van Persie‘s Holland.

According to the Daily Mail, it was to scout Ronaldo but any Tom, Dick or Harry could tell you what Neville’s report would of said. “He’s pretty good this Ronaldo lad, David.”

There’s no doubt that Neville and Round’s prerogative was to watch the performance of Van Persie first and foremost but sending our coaching duo was the first public indication by United that they are interested in the possibility of re-signing Ronaldo.

Moyes today confirmed that United are looking at several players to buy and our persistent pursuit of Cesc Fabregas is a big indication that Moyes wants a marquee signing. There’s no way that United are going to go in for Gareth Bale given his price tag and Ronaldo’s cost would be completely offset by everything else that he brings to the club. Combined with the fact that sponsors would likely be willing to part fund a move, United could afford to sign him.

Madrid’s ex-president Ramon Calderon believes that the Spanish club are preparing for Ronaldo’s exit with their Bale pursuit and if there was any signing sure to get Moyes off on the right foot, it’s Ronaldo.

Ed Woodward has been working behind the scenes for nearly four weeks now, Antonio Valencia has relinquished the #7 jersey and Moyes has confirmed we’re looking at multiple players. The signs are there.

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