A new adventure for Anderson

by Sam Peoples

Ander-son-son-son. Everyone loves watching Anderson when he is firing and fully fit. His boisterous and expansive style of play are a breath of fresh air when he is on form. The problem is that has only around about as often as Halley’s Comet in the last six years but maybe, just maybe, that is all set to change.

It is no secret that Anderson has had fitness issues since he joined United in 2007. He has struggled to avoid injuries and slipped into a cyclical process of playing well before getting injured but in the 2013 pre-season, Anderson played more minutes than any other player. He completed 90 minutes on two occasions in six games and given that he had only done so less than 20 times in the past six years, it was a significant improvement.

David Moyes is obviously a fan of Anderson and why not? On his day, the Brazilian is fantastic. Every United fan wants him to succeed and many have been frustrated at his lack of commitment at giving everything to the club but Anderson has admitted he knows to control his weight and improve his fitness this season, which is a real indication that he is ready to change. Is he turning a new page?

Anderson has never lived up to the billing of being the new Ronaldinho at United but that was as much to do with Ferguson’s desire to shape himself into a defensive midfielder as his own shortfallings as a player. Under Moyes, Anderson has a clean slate, a new chance to impress, a chance to live up to the billing that got fans so excited six years ago, a chance to become the midfielder United are in desperate need of.

The signs in the pre-season have suggested that he is ready to do that. He looks in his best physical condition for years and even had the energy to run around in the last ten minutes of games, that never happened before. If United do strengthen the midfield, you still get the feeling that Moyes will give Anderson one last chance at resurrecting his career at Old Trafford.

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