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Manchester United fans must support Wayne Rooney to the end

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney has travelled with Manchester United’s squad to face Swansea City today as David Moyes takes charge of his first game in the Premier League.

It is the first time that Rooney has been involved with the first team in any official capacity since being ruled out of the whole pre-season with injuries.

During that time, United have rejected two Chelsea bids for Rooney and his future at Old Trafford is far from secure with the 27-year-old doing nothing to stop continued speculation in a move that has angered fans. Their anger is understandable. After all, Rooney forced the club into submission in 2010 with his desire for a bigger contract that he was given but since then, he has not earned the right to be the best player at United.

There is a swathe of discontent bubbling amongst fans right now with Rooney but if he makes an appearance at the Liberty Stadium today, booing him is not the right thing to do.

Up until the time that Rooney official departs United, he is our player and we should support him. If he scores a goal, will fans celebrate? Of course they will. Deep down, everybody would like to see Rooney get back to his old self and start scoring goals for fun again in a United shirt. Bad memories aside, he is one of the greatest strikers the club has ever had and to lose that sort of talent so close to the end of the transfer window would be a real loss.

I’m not saying that we should be singing Rooney’s name, far from it, but booing his every touch is only going to hinder United as a whole. Every player who is on the football pitch in a United shirt, no matter what they have done in the past, needs to be supported by our fans.

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