PICTURE: Wayne Rooney shows where his heart is with Swansea celebration

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney played his first minutes as a Manchester United player this year today when he came on against Swansea on the hour mark and his professional performance, including two assists, was an admirable cameo for someone who hasn’t played hardly any football this summer.

But it wasn’t hard to see what Rooney was really thinking. Fans may have chanted his name before he came on the pitch but Rooney’s heart wasn’t in the game. When United scored, the whole team bundled together to celebrate the goal – all except Rooney. Like a lone ranger, he casually strolled back towards the centre circle on his own, away from the celebrations of his United team-mates.

Take that celebration how you will but even with the backing of Moyes and the diehard United away fans, Rooney was disinterested. His performance was professional, not passionate. We all want him to stay but by the looks of it, Rooney has no interest in doing so.

Image: Twitter/Luzhniki2008

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