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David Moyes set to take big risk with Wayne Rooney

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has revealed that Wayne Rooney may start against Chelsea when they visit Old Trafford on Monday.

The 27-year-old played his first football this summer when he came on for 30 minutes against Swansea last week. He looked quite sharp and laid on two assists in United’s 4-1 triumph in what was quite an impressive cameo considering his lack of game time this summer, something which has obviously impressed Moyes.

“Wayne’s got a good chance of playing. He has good chance of starting,” he told reporters on Friday.

Should Moyes start Rooney against Chelsea on Monday given the current situation between the two clubs? It is a big risk if he does.

Mourinho has already publicly stated that Chelsea will submit a third bid after Monday’s game and Rooney knows that, so it might affect how he plays given that he could hypothetically be playing against his new club but given the situation Rooney finds himself in, it could be a risk that pays off.

Generally, Rooney turns up in the big games. From your away trips to AC Milan and Bayern Munich to derby games against Manchester City, Rooney has always been a big game player for United. He thrives off the occasion. If he started on Monday, he would know everyone’s eyes would burn the back of his head and if he wanted to really showcase why he is such a valuable player, he would do so with a 110% performance.

Does he want to stay at United? Unlikely. Will he stay at United? It looks likely. United have absolutely no desire to let Rooney join Chelsea and I’d expect them to flat out reject their third bid for Rooney. United have been poor so far in the transfer window and it would be ludicrous if Moyes then let one of his best players join a domestic rival given that we would likely not replace him with a player of equal ability.

If fully fit, Rooney will probably start against Chelsea. Sir Alex Ferguson was always a manager who took risks with his lineups but more often than not, they paid dividends. Moyes using Rooney from the start on Monday will be a choice he could be lynched for but if it worked, it could revitalise Rooney’s career at Old Trafford and earn Moyes the fans’ faith.

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