Martinez admits Everton will sell to Manchester United if valuation is met

by Sam Peoples

Roberto Martinez has admitted that Everton will sell Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines to Manchester United if their valuation of the duo is met.

David Moyes’ original bid of £28 million was labelled as derisory by Everton and was rejected out of hand but Martinez has refused to close the door on the possibility of the duo leaving if United come back with an improved over.

But the Spaniard accused United’s approaches so far this summer. “I have never seen Manchester United working in this manner before,” Martinez said.

“When you want a player you just do the business quietly, you get it done and that’s it. I don’t know if this is a new way of working at United. I don’t expect a new bid. In fact, it wasn’t even a bid because it never reached any sort of valuation of the players.

“There isn’t an offer on the table where anyone would consider anything. If they’d matched the valuation maybe then you would listen to it but that hasn’t been the situation.”

“If you invest a certain amount in a player and that player is one of the outstanding performers in the league, then I’m sure that price has gone up. It is common sense, isn’t it?

“The market brings the valuation. There are aspects to consider like the age of the player and the length of his contract, but then it is very easy to look at the current price of that type of player in the market. That gives you a valuation.

“But I am not trying to fix a price for a player. It would be wrong to say that. I don’t want to sell. But what is clear is if you want to buy a player and he’s been a good performer, you must offer a higher value than what the club invested to get him. That’s common sense.”

If Everton had no desire to cash in on Fellaini and Baines, Martinez would not encourage a ‘market valuation’ bid from Moyes. The only question is what that ‘valuation’ would be.

Everton bought Fellaini for £15 million and Baines for £6 million, and both players have significantly improved since joining the Merseyside club, so their value is no doubt higher than that but although Everton fans want £40 million for the pair, they aren’t worth that much to United.

Patrice Evra is still one of the best left backs in the league and Baines’ arrival would give the squad great depth but limit the opportunity of game time for Fabio, so I would rather we didn’t sign him at all.

Fellaini is without question a player who would strengthen United in an area they have lacked for years but given his temperament, he would represent a risk for Moyes especially when used in Champions League games.

Moyes wouldn’t of ignored his release clause if he didn’t think he could get him for cheaper than £23 million so if United do go back with another offer for the duo in the region of £35 million, given Everton’s tradition of selling in order to reinvest I’d expect it to be accepted.

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