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This is what makes Manchester United more than a football club

by Sam Peoples

The average fan has an unconditional love for their club, standing by them in the good times and the bad, without any real gesture of gratitude or acknowledgement. However, Manchester United have made an exceptional effort towards the friends and family of a fan who recently passed away.

Chris Rose, 21, Kendal, (known by his friends as ‘Ginge’) was in hospital for several weeks before he tragically passed away last week. Rather than mourn their loss, friends and family of Rose decided to celebrate his life and got in touch with the football club who unbelievably donated 21 Manchester United shirts for them to wear at the funeral, which was held on Wednesday.

Family friend Tony Dayson was behind the speculative phone call to United which led to the club’s gesture.

“It’s something we all spoke about beforehand, and we put in some money to hopefully get some shirts to wear,” he said.

“We spoke to a woman at the club and she was touched by our story and said she would ring us back, but couldn’t promise anything. A few hours later, she called us back and said the club would donate 21 shirts for Ginge’s funeral.”

The sea of Red shirts seen at Rose’s funeral, described by some as ‘fantastic’ and ‘phenomenal’, was an incredibly heart-warming gesture by United who’ve shown that they do care as much for the fans as the fans do for them.

“Hats off to United,” Dayson added.

“They made the day, and everyone thought it was a great effort. Ginge was a big Man United fan, and most of us are too. I can’t thank them enough for doing this in memory of a great young person.

“I’ve supported United all my life, and it was a big ask for the club to do that – but what they’ve done is very touching and it makes me proud to be a supporter of this club.”

Whilst some fans feel clubs have lost touch with their supporters (and many have),  this is just one reason that shows why United means so much to so many people – and that even the biggest football club in the world has a real human side.


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