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Ander Herrera reveals truth behind Manchester United negotiations on Monday

by Sam Peoples

Ander Herrera has spoken publicly about his failed move to Manchester United in a press conference today.

The 24-year-old’s move to Old Trafford fell through in a dramatic last day transfer deal with the Spanish club that saw United fail to understand complicated release clauses in La Liga.

And when speaking to the press, Herrera remained calm and revealed that he didn’t feel manipulated by United which hints that a move for January could potentially materialise.

“Sorry for the wait,” he said. “I’m here to talk about what happened on Monday and to send a message to the fans of Athletic.

“I don’t feel manipulated. How can I feel manipulated by a club like Manchester United? I appreciate their interest and what Bilbao value me at.

“Manchester United never told me, or any of my representatives that they would pay the buyout clause.

“There’s no chance I’d leave unless they’d pay the buyout clause and then spoken to me about it. That didn’t happen.”

United’s decision not to pay the full buyout clause made it impossible for Herrera’s move to materialise. Athletic Bilbao are renowned for standing firm during the negotiation process and so it proved on transfer deadline day as United missed out on their man.

Herrera continued to discuss the events of Monday and admitted that he was proud United made an offer for him.

He added: “I think United probably need to answer a few questions. I’m proud they made an offer for me.

“Me, nor my representatives, never reached any agreement with Manchester United.

“I didn’t say anything because I haven’t been in front of the press and the team is much more important than me.

“I’m just telling you exactly how things are and I never talked with Manchester United.

“I’ll just continue doing what I’m doing at Athletic, like I have ever since I came here.

“I think the club (Athletic) acted perfectly. They did what they said they would; they don’t negotiate. That’s the club.”

So the truth is that United never paid Herrera’s release clause, the player never talked to the club but he has welcomed the interest from David Moyes which is great news.

There had been a worry that United’s amateur dealings on Monday scuppered the possibility of a deal happening in January but that now looks very much on the cards.

Translations provided by @CheGiaevara and @sardinetrawler

Image: UEFA

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