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Paul Pogba aims another snide remark at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Paul Pogba left Manchester United last year after loggerheads with Sir Alex Ferguson over money issues and it was a tough loss for the club.

The loss was made even more apparent after Pogba stormed his first season at Juventus, made his way into the French national side and won Player of the Tournament at the U20 World Cup this summer.

But despite his success in Turin, Pogba can’t stop talking about United and has thrown another snide remark toward the club when discussing how much he loved his ‘childhood club’ Juventus after rejecting United’s attempts to keep him at Old Trafford.

“Since childhood I’ve always liked Juve and supported that team,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“For the French this club means a great deal, as so many French champions played in Turin, so that’s why I liked them.

Sir Alex Ferguson tried to keep me at Manchester United, but he didn’t get very far. Were other clubs tracking me? Yes, but I only had Juve in my mind. At the time I heard from Chelsea, Arsenal and Milan, but nobody is like Juve.

“I am happy to be here and I want to win many trophies with this jersey.”

There is no doubting that United lost a gem of a player in Pogba but Ferguson stood firm on his policy that a player would not dictate what the club did, especially a 19-year-old from the academy who had done little in the previous year to suggest he warranted the sort of money he was demanding.

It was a no nonsense policy from Ferguson that has seen many stars leave the club in the past but we have always survived and moved on to find new stars instead. If we had caved in to one youngster, it would give others reason to think they could force the club to do the same for them.

United have moved on from the Pogba debacle and he should concentrate on his football in Italy rather than poking jibes at Sir Alex and the club.

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