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Carrick: I’d sit in a singing section if I was a fan

by Sam Peoples

Michael Carrick has become the first Manchester United player to publicly support Fans United’s campaign to get a singing section in place at Old Trafford.

With permission from the club, there will be a trial singing section of 1400 fans against Real Sociedad placed where the away fans usually sit in attempt to inject some old school atmosphere back into Old Trafford.

It’s no surprise that Carrick has a soft spot for the United fans who sing at the matches. Last year, his name was the fans’ favourite chant and away at QPR, ‘it’s Carrick, you know’ was sung for a solid 20 minutes.


The singing section is an attempt by fans to reinstall some of Old Trafford’s atmosphere that has slowly dwindled over the years and it is hoped that the interest will be sustainable enough for a section larger than 1400 to be a regular fixture in the ground.

Last year against Real Madrid, Old Trafford was absolutely rocking and it helped take the occasion up to another level but a lot of the home games lack an atmosphere, something Fans United hope this singing section could remedy.

To find out more about getting involved, click here.

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