Paul Scholes unsure of his new role at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Paul Scholes made a surprise return to Manchester United on Tuesday when he sat on the bench for the U19s UEFA Youth League 4-3 thriller against Bayer Leverkusen.

It was the first time that Scholes has been back at the club publicly since he announced his full retirement at the end of the season.

He turned down David Moyes’ offer to take up a coaching role this season in order to spend more time with his family this season but it looks like Scholes may be ready to get involved with the club again, even if it is on a part time basis.

Speaking to MUTV, Butt said: “Scholesy has obviously had his break with his family and had a bit of a holiday. He’s finished football now but, with someone like Scholesy, it’s important United keep him in around the club in whatever capacity he feels he wants to be in.

“Whether it be coaching my age-group, Warren Joyce’s age-group or Paul McGuinness’ youth team; or even the commercial side or scouting, we don’t know yet.

“He doesn’t really seem to know what his niche is going to be but he’s interested in coaching and knows he’s got a lot of experience to pass on to the young lads. To have him here was great and we just want to have him around the club.

“It’s important for us all that he’s available around the club for whatever he wants to do and so that’s where we are at the moment.”

Butt is spot on when he says that Scholes simply has to be involved with United in whatever capacity he feels comfortable doing because to have Scholes coaching our youngsters would be superb. There couldn’t be a better player for the academy to learn from than arguably our greatest ever graduate.

Whatever capacity Scholes does decide on, it is just great to have him back at the club. In the future, United could have a coaching staff that includes Giggs, Scholes, Butt and Neville – four graduates who epitomise how hard work and determination can help you succeed at United.

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