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Manchester United players warned by David Moyes

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has warned all of his players that they must improve their performances or risk being dropped from Manchester United.

After the Manchester City defeat last weekend, Moyes made eight changes to the side and would have been impressed with their performance in the 1-0 victory over Liverpool.

So far in the Premier League, Moyes has chosen his strongest XI in every week to help United through the tough start to the season but now that United will have a run of winnable games, he has called for the whole squad to improve as a whole.

Moyes said: “There is a squad. You use the word rotation, but I want to see good form.

“If you play, it makes the job much easier. You’ve got to play and you’ve got to play well.

“Whatever Sir Alex Ferguson had done before, you had to perform. He used players at the right time and I will try and do the same.

“But our performance against City didn’t merit people necessarily thinking they would play in the next game.”

As Moyes described, Sir Alex Ferguson was the master of squad rotation. He could keep a squad filled with superstars happy with their time on the pitch yet didn’t let it compromise the side’s ability in games.

It is a testament to Moyes and the quality that is running through the squad that United made eight chances in midweek to Liverpool’s two and still secured a win. It also showed that the Scot is ready to be ruthless after mistakes in order to keep the whole squad on it’s toes, which should put him in good stead of managing United.

Moyes has played it safe with his team selection so far but over the next few weeks, players will really have to show they deserve to play for Manchester United.

Image: Twitter/ManUtd

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