Fellaini, Fabregas and Ferguson – Lou don’t know what you’re doing

by Sam Peoples

For an official employee of Manchester United, Lou Macari comes out with some serious tripe.

Yesterday, Macari claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson had planned his retirement because he ‘saw a disaster coming’ that he didn’t want to deal with himself.

“He’s always been a good judge of everything,” he told talkSPORT.

“When he shocked everyone and said he was retiring, I thought, ‘is he aware of what’s around the corner, is he taking the view that one or two of his best players are coming to an end’?”

“Every team in the country needs new blood. The supporters get tired of watching the same players.

“I just felt this summer he needed to bring in some news players. They brought in one main player [Marouane Fellaini] but he wasn’t the sort of player the supporters wanted to see. They wanted a little ball playing midfielder.”

No Macari, he didn’t. I think Ferguson may have left because he was a 71-year-old who owed a lifetime to his long serving wife Cathy as well as needing hip surgery that year.

Ferguson also left the squad in a healthy condition with the likes of De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Welbeck, Cleverley and Rafael all set for long careers at the club. I don’t think Macari understands the current situation has only arisen because of the transition of him leaving.

Furthermore, Macari backtracked on his strong claims from the summer that Fellaini was a better fit at United than Fabregas.

“What Fellaini gives you, which Fabregas doesn’t, is goals,” Macari told talkSPORT in the summer.

“He likes to get forward and I’m not sure [Fabregas] gives you that. What Fabregas does do, though, is give you the ability to knock the balls around.

“They desperately need someone in there. There are one or two players missing at the moment. Ashley Young is out injured, Antonio Valencia is not on the Far East tour, Ryan Giggs is not getting any younger and Paul Scholes is gone.

“People were screaming last season for a midfield player to come in and this year the need is even greater.”

Given that Fabregas has a better goalscoring record than Fellaini over the past few years, his argument had no substance in the first place anyway. As an official United employee, you’d expect Macari to have more objective and consistent insight into United but it looks like he just makes it all up as he goes along.

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