Januzaj’s agent gives new negotiations update and laughs off £60k per week claims

by Sam Peoples

Adnan Januzaj‘s negotiations with Manchester United have gathered pace after his stunning full Premier League debut this weekend but no deal has yet been agreed, his agent Dirk De Vriese has today confirmed.

The 18-year-old is one of the hottest topics right now with his international and domestic future back page news all over Europe and speaking to Gazet Van AntwerpenDe Vriese admitted that nothing will be sorted with his international future until he is a regular starter for United.

“Adnan is  through and through a professional,” De Vriese said.

“This is due to his father teaching him discipline since his youth, Adnan is now bearing the fruits of that.

“Nothing has changed in comparison to a few weeks ago. Adnan still hasn’t picked who he is going to play for and will not do so until he is a regular starter for Manchester United.”

De Vriese also confirmed that although negotiations with United stalled following Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement, they have now gathered pace quickly again.

He continued: “In the meanwhile they are busy to extend his deal at United which is due to expire at the end of the season.

“If by 1 January no new deal has been signed, Adnan is free to speak to other clubs.”

“The negotiations have been taking place for a while now but I will not comment on how far it has come or if we are close to agreeing a deal.

“What I can say is that a lot of European top clubs have contacted us about he availability of Adnan but because we have to be very discreet about this matter we can not tell you the names of clubs that have contacted us.”

De Vriese also swept aside any claims that Januzaj was to be offered a £60,000 a week contract as nothing but made up rumours by tabloids.

“These figures have not come from us as I see no reason why we would leak this kind of information to the press,” he added.

“Manchester United have wanted to discuss a new deal for the Albanian Belgian for a while now but due to the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and Adnan not being in a rush to sign a new deal, this has been delayed.

“But after his performance this weekend – Januzaj scored twice against Sunderland and gifted his team 1-2 victory- the club can’t do anything else but restart the negotiations as soon as possible as there will be a lot of clubs out there trying to steal Adnan from united.

“If by 1 January no new deal has been signed, Adnan is free to speak to other clubs.”

Image: Twitter/infobolaholic

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