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Fabio: I’m looking for other clubs and I think I might leave

by Sam Peoples

Fabio has revealed to ESPN Brasil that he is looking to leave Manchester United in order to play regular first team football and ‘be happy’.

The 23-year-old hasn’t had the same career progression at Old Trafford as his twin brother Rafael who is now United’s first-choice right back and has had to fight Alexander Buttner to be Patrice Evra’s understudy this season.

He admits that while nothing is certain, he can see himself returning to Brazil and Fluminese in particular, a club he spent seven years with as a youngster.

“I don’t know, man. I think the time has come and maybe in the next window or even next season, I think I might leave. There are good possibilities,” he said.

“I’m looking for other clubs. There’s nothing certain, we’ll leave it for later.

“I want to be happy, man. I want to play, I want to be happy, I want to be close to my family. I may go back to Brazil, or maybe not, I’m checking with my manager to see what is the best for me.

“The affection I have for Fluminense is very big, for sure. I played there for seven years, and certainly if I have to go back to Fluminense I’m going with great pride because I have a special affection for them.”

This season, Fabio has been a much improved player thanks to his loan spell at QPR. When he played against Crystal at right-back, he was fantastic.

If David Moyes is going to let a left back leave United then it should be Alexander Buttner who has never looked good enough to have a long term future at United.

Instead of giving any game time to Buttner, Fabio should be Evra’s understudy and it would be a real shame to see him leave United because of a lack of opportunities.

Thinking of the wider repercussions, it would have a dramatic effect on Rafael. He may have played better when his brother was at QPR last season but he knew that Fabio would be returning. Having his twin brother move back to Brazil may make him less happy in Manchester.

United had Gary and Phil Neville as our full-backs previously, brothers who thrived off their rivalry for a place in team. Fabio and Rafael are similar in that respect and it would be fantastic to see the pair become our full time left and right backs following Evra’s retirement, so hopefully Moyes can give Fabio the game time he needs to stay at Old Trafford.

Video translation credit goes to Sport Witness

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