Sir Alex Ferguson tells David Moyes the secret to success

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson has told David that there is one thing that he must achieve as Manchester United manager if he is going to have any success – that his backroom staff all share the same vision through thick and thin.

Over the years, Ferguson had a strong team that was integral to United’s success behind the scenes; from Carlos Queiroz and Steve McClaren all the way down to kit man Albert Morgan, Ferguson had a loyal team he knew he could rely on through even in the toughest of times.

And Ferguson has said it is essential for Moyes to have that with the coaching team he has in Steve Round, Jimmy Lumsden and Chris Woods.

“Three things are very important when you are working with them – work ethic, loyalty, philosophy,” Ferguson said.

“You all have to be singing the same tune, no matter how bad the tune is. It’s important that your people agree with you and the way that we at United wanted to play, that was very important.

“My attitude to a game of football – never give in. At half time in a game of football, if you’re behind, never give in.”

Moyes has had a tough start to his time as United manager but in his backroom staff, he has people alongside who have worked with him for a long time.

He has worked with Round for five years while Lumsden and Woods have been by his side for 11 years – that’s 27 years of experience that Moyes has had with his staff and it puts United in a strong position in that sense.

Ferguson knows a thing or two about the psychology of being United’s manager so Moyes should certainly take any advice from the man himself when it comes to management.

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