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Zaha and Morrison scuffle during England game explained

by Sam Peoples

Nathan Redmond has said that Wilfried Zaha and Ravel Morrison’s scuffle towards the end of England’s 5-0 win over Lithuania was nothing more than a disagreement.

The pair clashed after Zaha had said something to Morrison which led him to push Zaha and Redmond stepped in to pull the pair apart.

What they said will likely remain unknown but Redmond admitted that side of Morrison is something that will have to be accommodated for because of how good he is as a footballer.

“It was just a bit of a disagreement, nothing else,” Redmond told reporters according to Goal.com.

“We got back in the changing room and sorted it out.

“You get that with teams everywhere, there is just a bit more of spotlight on this incident because it was for England. We sorted it out behind the scenes.

“Rav’s a class player, sometimes he just has to move the ball a little bit quicker. Sometimes you do get a little bit frustrated with him but you just have to let Rav be Rav because of the things he is capable of.”

By the sounds of it, Zaha may simply have been telling Morrison to pass the ball quicker.

Morrison has shown this season why United tried so hard to help him get back on track but he has to make sure he doesn’t get hot headed on or off the pitch because it would bring him back to square one again if that happened.

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