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PICTURE: Januzaj shows he is a true professional by interacting with fans despite media storm

by Sam Peoples

The past two weeks have been a somewhat eventful 14 days for Manchester United’s latest teenage superstar Adnan Januzaj.

After scoring both goals in the 2-1 win away to Sunderland and with speculation circulating about where he will be playing next season for club and country mounting, you’d expect him to keep out of the spotlight.

But to his credit, he’s carried on his normal way of life and continued to be the humble, level headed and polite young man that he is.

He was pictured at the Phones4U Arena last week watching the basketball along with a host of other club team mates including Rio Ferdinand and on Wednesday night, Januzaj was present at a local non-league game between Trafford FC.

Januzaj has close sources to Trafford Football Club and with a night off, the 18-year-old saw it as a good opportunity to come down to Shawe View to watch some local football.

With plenty of kids there watching and some extremely giddy adults too, myself included, he spent around 25 minutes signing autographs and having pictures taken. Everyone who asked for a picture got one and everyone who asked for an autograph got one.

And the best thing about it? He did it all with a smile.

The night also saw him bump into former team mate Ravel Morrison who was also in attendance at the game.

It’s good to see from a fan point of view that a young man with the world at his feet is prepared to go out of his way to make his adoring fans happy.

The good thing is that the speculation and media hype has clearly not had an effect on Adnan, so let’s just hope for our sake he stays with the club for many years to come.

Click here for pictures of Adnan Januzaj and Ravel Morrison at the Trafford game with The Peoples Person’s Jonny Escott.

Image: Twitter/redmancunian

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