Keane must have forgotten his past after slamming Ferguson as ‘disloyal’

by Sam Peoples

Roy Keane has said that Sir Alex Ferguson ‘doesn’t know the meaning of loyalty’ in reaction to quotes that were revealed today from his new autobiography.

Keane was on the wrong end of some staunch criticism from Ferguson and it was expected given how his time came to an end at Manchester United.

Speaking on ITV before kick-off between Dortmund and Arsenal tonight he said: “I’m okay, I’m quite relaxed. I won’t lose any sleep over it.

“[But] I remember having discussions with the manager when we were at the club about loyalty. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. I don’t know how many books he has written now. I guess he will have to draw the line somewhere.”

Ferguson also discussed David Beckham in detail and touched in brief on his fractious relationship with Wayne Rooney and Keane accused Ferguson of not showing loyalty to those players either.

“These players won a lot of trophies for Manchester United,” he added.

“Imagine what he’d have said if we hadn’t won any trophies.”

Is this the same Keane whose relationship with United never recovered after he slammed our players in an interview with MUTV? The same Keane who turned his back on Ireland in the 2002 World Cup?

Keane was a warrior, a leader, a true captain, but his criticism is steeped in hypocrisy.

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