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Adnan Januzaj is causing a tug of war in Europe

by Sam Peoples

Adnan Januzaj has been informed by the Albanian FA that they are ‘ready to accept anything’ in order to make sure that he chooses to play his international football for them.

The 18-year-old is now set to decide his international future after he signed a new five year deal with Manchester United but he has insisted that his father will make the decision on his international future, not himself.

“We are ready to accept anything just to have the young, talented Januzaj become part of our national team, so he can contribute for the future of the Albanian football,” an Albanian FA spokesman said according to The Telegraph.

“As we did with other players already playing for the national team, we will continue our job with no hesitation or any influence on us, in order to have Adnan Januzaj wear the black and red shirt, so he can honour himself, his family and the flag of his heritage.”

Up until this statement, Albania’s FA vehemently denied approaching Januzaj despite his representation claiming otherwise but they have now played their hand in trying to lure Januzaj.

From their perspective, Januzaj’s father being in control is good as he has intimated that he would like Januzaj to play for Albania but with Belgium also interested in securing his loyalty, Albania face a fight on their hands if Januzaj is keen to play football on the biggest stage in international tournaments.

Image: Twitter/indomanutd

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